Monday and Tuesday - July 18th and 19th, 2011:

Hello there, Laura here...

I am going to include the workouts from Monday and Tuesday in this one post because I didn't have time to write about yesterday's workout.

Yesterday was the first day of my second week of the Insanity program. I did the Cardio Power and Resistance. My body was rested because Sunday was my day off so I really pushed my body during the workout. I thought it was really hard because it had a lot of jumps. Those get your legs super tired and super fast!

Today I did Pure Cardio. I thought this Insanity workout was going to be harder than the one I did yesterday, but it actually wasn't. Although this one doesn't have any breaks in it, the moves are easier than all those power jumps from yesterday's workout.  So today I have concluded that I like Pure Cardio more than any other workout from all the Insanity workouts from month 1.

One little tip to all those people doing the Insanity out there - what you eat does matter! Shaun T advises you to eat a small meal about an hour before the workout. Well today my husband ate a buffalo burger with cheese, bacon, and mayo plus a diet soda. He was dying during the workout!! He couldn't really finish the workout and got really dizzy! On the other hand, I had a buffalo burger with no cheese, no mayo, no bacon, and no soda (even if it's diet soda, it's still bad for you), and I felt great during the workout. So just watch what you eat so you can perform better!!! I still had a burger, but I made it healthier!

Well I will talk to you tomorrow!

- Laura :)

Wednesday July 20th, 2011

Hi there,

Today I was actually thinking of not doing the Insanity workout. I saw that I had to do the Plyometric one, and because I wasn't feeling that great I thought I would just skip today's workout.

Throughout the whole day I felt sick. My sickness had nothing to do with Insanity so don't worry about that if that is what you're thinking. I was in bed almost the entire day, but by the end of the day I was actually feeling better. I was still a little weak, but I had eaten well and had some energy. So I thought I might as well just put the insanity DVD in and just try my best even if it was not at the pace that I would like to go. I said to myself - I'll just do whatever I can, and I can always stop the DVD if I feel like it.

So that is what I did. I put the Plyometric DVD in, hit play, and began my Insanity workout of the day. At first I wasn't feeling that great. I am usually pumped from the start. But then my body wasn't hurting anymore as I was warming up so I decided to push myself a little bit harder.

I was actually able to finish today's Insanity workout, and I felt proud of myself first for finishing the workout and second for not skipping today's workout!

So as of now, I have done the Insanity program exactly as it tells you to do it. Hopefully, if I keep up with it like this, I will see great results.

Tomorrow, I have to do the Cardio Recovery workout, so it should be a not so hard day. Notice how I don't say easy day? That's because every Insanity workout is hard!! I guess that is why Shaun T and Beachbody can promise those results - "No pain, no gain"

Talk to you later,

- Laura

Thursday July 21st, 2011

Hello... Laura here,

Today was a pretty easy day compared to all the other Insanity workouts. I did the Cardio Recovery workout today. It was short and simple. I think I am getting more flexible and I really like that because one of my friends from college who is a Nutritionist said that flexibility is a big part of being in shape. Shaun T makes you do a bunch of Yoga stuff. I personally do not like Yoga because I get bored easily, but Shaun T doesn't present it as Yoga and he makes it go very quickly, unlike the P90X Yoga DVD, which is like 90 minutes long.

The hardest part from this workout was the squats and lunges. Those made my legs burn like crazy! I had to go up so many times, and my husband was specially struggling through those exercises. I guess when you pass those moves in the workout, it gets easier, and you actually enjoy it. I am not saying that I don't enjoy the whole workout, but I dislike the squats and lunges very much because they are just too painful. I am so glad this workout is only 30 minutes long.


This is day 11 of the Insanity program, and I am feeling pretty good. I really feel that I am burning fat from my waist which is one of my main goals. I am also getting into great shape because of all the cardio involved. I had actually purchased the P90X about 2 years ago but I never finished it because I got bored. But I am really liking Insanity because it is barely week 2 and I am seeing results. I don't want to be all muscular and manly, and that is one of the reasons I got Insanity. I want to be lean and toned, and I really think Insanity is gonna get me there!

Well, I guess I will let you know how tomorrow's workout goes.

Talk to you later,

- Laura

Friday July 22nd, 2011


Today is day 12 of Insanity. I did the Cardio Power and Resistance workout and it was HARD!! I don't understand why, but it was actually harder than when I did it last time, which was on Saturday. I am actually still shaking from the workout. I could say this workout was insane!

The warm up was the same as any Insanity warm up - pretty intense. The workout was crazy from the beginning. The first exercise was the cardio jumps or something like that, and they were kicking my butt. I really wanted to give up today, but I kept pushing through till the end. I was so happy when Shaun T went on to the cool down. My legs and arms were trembling from all the push ups and power jumps!

I am actually still recuperating from the workout. I just had water after the workout because my husband drank the last bit of Gatorade we had left. I can see that Gatorade or whatever recovery drink you have does help you "recover" faster.

Just to let you know, as usual, I ended up drenched in sweat. I guess you can expect that from every Insanity workout. If you ever do the Insanity program or any of its workouts, nobody will have to tell you that it does work because you will be able to tell by all the sweat that pours out of your body!!

Well, I'm going to grab something to eat right now.

Talk to you tomorrow.

- Laura :)

Saturday July 23rd, 2011

Hi there...Laura here again,

Today I did the Pure Cardio with the Cardio Abs from Insanity. It was crazy. It was more intense than any other workout because of the extra 15 minutes that the cardio ab workout adds. I really like the Pure Cardio because it seems to go by really fast. I guess it's because you don't stop at all so it doesn't give you time to think about the time.

The Cardio Abs workout was hard too. Shaun T makes you do some ab exercises that I had never seen before in my life. The awesome thing is that you are working your abs without doing a bunch of sit ups and crunches!

I also realized that pretty much in every Insanity workout you are also working out your abs - your whole core section because of all the high knees, jumps, etc.

I am exhausted right now and feel like taking a long nap, but I can't because I have so many other things to do. I am so looking forward to bedtime tonight - I want some sleep!

Well, I will talk to you on Monday. I have to do the Fit Test again - maybe I'll just record it and post it so you can see.

Take care,

- Laura


Week Two
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